Compost Troubleshooting


Problem: Pile has a rotten or an ammonia type odor.

Reason: Not enough air in center of pile, or too much moisture. An ammonia smell indicates that there is too much green material in the pile.

Solution: Turn the pile and add more dry (brown) material. Take care to add grass in thin layers.


Problem: Critters and/or fruit flies.

Reason: Fruit and vegetable trimmings are too close to the surface.

Solution: Make sure to bury these materials deep into the pile, and cover with other yard wastes.


Problem: Pile not decomposing.

Reason: Could be that the pile is too dry or doesn't have enough green materials.

Solution: Add water, if needed. Also may need to add more green materials, like grass or manures.


Problem: Pile is damp and earthy smelling, but won't heat up.

(NOTE: This is not necessarily a problem! If the pile doesn't heat up, it is probably still decomposing — just not as quickly as possible.)

Reason: Pile could be too small-it needs to be at least one cubic yard in size. Or pile could need additional green material.

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