“Just throw it away.”
There is no such thing as “away.” While you probably don’t think about your waste once you place it in the garbage can, it is piling up someplace else. Garbage in landfills can last for decades and creates a large number of expensive problems that we all pay for in our garbage bills and taxes.

“I don’t need it anymore, so it is no longer useful to anyone.”
Just because you don’t want or need an item anymore does not mean it doesn’t have value to someone else, either as it is, or in another form. More than 50% of what was tossed into landfills twenty years ago was, in fact, recyclable material that could have been remade into something useful. Another large percentage were things that still had use, such as old toys or broken appliances, and could have been reused in their existing form with minor clean up or repair.

The situation today is better by far, with Oregon communities working towards our state-wide goal of recycling 50% of our garbage. The impact for Oregonians translates into more jobs, new markets for recycled materials, and a healthier environment.

But your continued help is crucial. Participation in recycling helps keep your garbage rates low and protects the beauty of the Columbia Gorge area.

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