Recycling Away From Home

Are you planning on traveling sometime soon? Taking a vacation or going on a roadtrip?

We all need to remember to find ways to recycle everywhere we go. Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling to other events and places:

Look for Recycling Bins
Look around for recycling bins, and ask the person or company in charge if you don't see any. If they didn't have them for that event, your request may put it top of mind for the next event.

Write a Letter
Write a letter. If there is not a specific person to talk to at the event, write a letter to the organization, again, to put it on their list for the next event.

Bring a Bag
Bring a bag for your own recycling. If you're spending the day somewhere that you know won't provide recycling opportunities, pack a bag for those couple of aluminum cans you and your party will empty while there.

Keep a small plastic storage bin in your car all the time. Then, no matter where you are, you have an option. Empty it each time you use it, or get one with a lid that you an empty and clean when it gets full.

Encourage Recycling
If you're hosting, be sure to put out paper bags near the trash bin and label them clearly. Your guests will surely follow your lead and do the sorting for you.

Choose or encourage the use of reusable or recyclable materials (beverage cups, plates, utensils, etc.).

Source: ReThink Recycling


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