Recycling of Items That Are Not Accepted Curbside

(list subject to change) 

Cell Phones
Christmas Lights
Computers and Televisions
Construction items/Building materials
  DVD Players/VCRs
Food Wrappers
Furniture and Mattresses
Hearing Aids
Juice Boxes
Metal Hangers
Personal Electronics (MP3 Players, Digital cameras, PDAs)
  Printer Toner and Cartridges
Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes
Scrap Metal
Smoke Detectors
Video Games
Wine Corks
Wrapping Paper
Yard/Wood Debris

Appliances: refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, older dishwashers and water heaters are called "white goods". First, check with your retailer about recycling your old appliance when you purchase a new one.

Appliance dealers in our area include:
Ballinger Refrigeration & Appliance, 715 E 2nd St, The Dalles
Buckley's Gorge Appliance Service, The Dalles
Pioneer Electric, 423 E 2nd, The Dalles
Paddock's Appliance & Electronics, 1120 12th St, Hood River

If your appliance is in bad shape, discard it at the transfer station for a fee. The appliance will be broken down for scrap metal and the waste discarded. Refrigerant is removed by a certified technician.
Automobiles: may be taken to several wrecking yards in the area: All Foreign & Domestic Auto Wrecking in The Dalles and Mt Hood Towing & Salvage in Mt Hood.
Used automotive fluids: used motor oil can be taken to the transfer stations. Put the oil in a 1 gallon milk jug, so lot attendants can be sure it is oil. In addition, a number of private automotive businesses accept a variety of products for recycling, including used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze. Check with your neighborhood automotive repair shop, service station, oil change operation, or farmers co-op. In Hood River, these include John's Equipment Repair (oil and used batteries), Los Hermanos Auto Shop (used oil), River's Edge (oil, filters, batteries and anti-freeze), Gehrig's Service Station (used oil), and Larry's Auto Repair in Parkdale (used oil). Oil Can Henry's (The Dalles) and (Hood River) can take used filters and oil from do-it-yourselfers. For pick-up service of large amounts of used oil and automotive fluids, contact ThermoFluids Inc. in Clackamas OR 1-800-350-7565.

Car/truck/tractor/marine batteries:

  • You could actually earn some money back on your car battery! Many auto parts stores will take old automotive batteries and pay you money back on the Core Charge ($3-10). Check Les Schwab, NAPA Auto Parts, or your other auto parts stores.
  • Bring your old batteries to the transfer station in Hood River or The Dalles. You will not receive any money for the core charge.
  • Bring them to one of Tri-County’s Hazardous Waste Collection events. They will get recycled.

Rechargeable & Single Use Batteries:

  • You can bring all batteries to Tri-County’s Hazardous Waste Collection events, including Alkaline/Lithium/NiCad/Rechargeable batteries.
  • Hood River Hobbies takes single use and rechargeable batteries. 

Books (hardbound or spiral bound): (If the cover is removed and discarded, the remaining paper portion of the book can be put in with co-mingled recycling.)

  • Donate to local used bookstores or secondhand stores.
  • Take to Far West Recycling at 4629 SE 17th in Portland.

Cell phones: You can donate your old cell phones to a number of nonprofit groups in the Gorge, which will benefit your neighbors in need.

Haven, 420 E. 3rd Street, Suite 200, The Dalles, OR 97059, (541) 296-1662
Helping Hands, 1341 Wasco Street, Hood River, OR 97031, (541) 386-4808
Opportunity Connections – Hood River, 2940 Thomsen Road, Hood River, Oregon 97031, (541) 386-3520
Opportunity Connections – The Dalles, 506 East Second Street, The Dalles, Oregon 97058, (541) 298-4188
Christmas lights: Recycle your old incandescent lights via The company will recycle your old lights and send you a coupon for 15 percent off its LED lights, which use 80 percent less energy and last 10 years or more. And they're safer, too. LEDs don't generate much heat, whereas incandescent give off heat, which can cause a dry Christmas tree to catch fire. Check with a local Ace Hardware store, Hood River Supply on 12th Street and in Odell; some accept old Christmas lights as well.

  • The Arc of the Mid-Columbia has clothing drop-off bins at Gorge ReBuild-It Center on Tucker Road in Hood River and at Devin's Alignment & Brakes on West Second Street in The Dalles. Second hand stores (link to second hand store page): Numerous secondhand and thrift stores throughout the Gorge accept used clothing, with the unsold items being sent on for "rag" reuse processing.
  • Used athletic shoes cans be turned into playground and athletic flooring by donating to Nike's "ReUse A Shoe" at its Niketown store or Factory store in Portland.
  • Croc shoes can be sent to the manufacturer to be made into new shoes and donated to underprivileged families: Crocs Recycling West, 3375 Enterprise Ave, Bloomington CA 92316. 

Computers and Televisions: You can take your old computer towers, monitors, laptops, and televisions to the Oregon E-Cycles program. Homeowners and small businesses/non-profits are able to bring up to 7 items per day at no charge. These items can be taken to the following locations:

Hood River Garbage Service, 3440 Guignard Drive, Hood River, OR, (541) 386-2272
Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Dalles Disposal, 1317 W. 1st Street, The Dalles, OR 97058, (541) 298-5149
Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sherman County, Biggs Transfer Station

Oregon StRUT (Students Recycling Used Technology) accepts computers at their StRUT facility, 3855 Fifteen Mile Rd. in The Dalles as well as at South Wasco County Junior/Senior High School and Hood River Valley High School the first Saturday of each month. Computers are recycled by students as a fundraiser for the program or rebuilt and donated to schools. For more information about StRUT, call (541) 296-2630.
Construction items, Building materials and fixtures:
Habitat for Humanity ReStore on West Sixth St in The Dalles
Red's Trading Post, 2610 W 2nd, The Dalles
Gorge ReBuild-It Center, 995 Tucker Rd, Hood River. 

Crayons: Crayons are a petroleum product, they take many years to biodegrade. Instead of discarding them from homes, schools and restaurants...send them to the National Crayon Recycle Program,, which melts down crayons and reforms them into new ones.
DVD Players/VCRs: Some of these items can be recycled for scrap metal by StRUT (Students Recycling Used Technology). Contact their warehouse outside of The Dalles to see if they are able to take the item. (541) 296-2630
Eyeglasses: check with your local eye care professional, many collect used eyeglasses for charitable programs such as the Lions club's "Recycle for Sight" program, or others such as "Give the Gift of Sight", "New Eyes for the Needy". For example, Preferred Optical in The Dalles donates "boxes and boxes" of used eyeglasses to the Lions program.
Food wrappers and bottles: TerraCycle also does the "brigade" collection for a variety of plastic items, including energy bar wrappers, cookie wrappers, malt-o-meal cereal bags, and plastic milk bottles. Check out the website for details.
Furniture and mattresses: in good condition may be donated to local secondhand and thrift stores. In poor condition, usually must be disposed of for a fee at transfer stations or landfill.
Hearing aids: check with your local hearing aid retailer or the Starkey Hearing Foundation, who recycles used hearing aids. Also check with the local Lions club or on-line.

Juice boxes: TerraCycle has a campaign called the Drink Pouch Brigade that collects used drink pouches across the nation. These items are repurposed into things like purses, pouches and backpacks. Through this program, $0.02 is donated to charity for every drink pouch collected through the Brigade program. Find out more at
Metal hangers: return to your local dry cleaner for reuse.
Personal Electronics (MP3 players/PDAs/digital cameras/business phones):

  • Check at your local office supply store.
  • Old iPods can be turned in to your local Apple/Mac store when you purchase a new one.
  • A new local recycling effort started by Westside Elementary in Hood River: drop off cell phones, ink jet printer cartridges, MP2 players, digital cameras, digital video cameras, laptops, GPS devices, radar detectors, Kindle and Sony book readers (no accessories, batteries are ok). This is a fundraiser, for more information
  • Terracycle has a Digital Camera brigade that collects digital cameras. Go to for more information.


  • Block foam/expanded polystyrene: Pacific Land Clearing and Recycling, 4044 N. Suttle Road in Portland takes Styrofoam. Also, call Far West Recycling in Portland. They occasionally take Styrofoam.
  • “Clamshell” clear plastic containers – all types. Put a box in your garage where you can collect this material. Then, on a trip to Portland, take it to Far West Recycling. Click this link to find the location nearest to you. (
  • Pop bottle six-pack rings: encourage your local school to participate in the environmental education "Ring Leader" Recycling Program; kids collect six-pack rings to be recycled into other plastic items, including plastic lumber and plastic shipping pallets.
  • Dry cleaner bags, plastic film, "shrink-wrap": Take to  A&P Recycling in The Dalles, located just behind the gas station at Webster and 2nd Street.
  • Film canisters and pill bottles: cannot be put into recycling as are smaller than 2 ounces, but possibly a local school, club or museum for art projects, or check if your local veterinarian can use them for dispensing animal medications
  • Plant pots and nursery trays: the sturdy plastic types (not lightweight "crinkly" types) are accepted for recycling at Good News Gardening (September-October only) and Produce Kountry in Hood River as well as in co-mingled recycling curbside and at the transfer stations. Gorge Nursery in Hood River accepts back their large, heavy nursery pots for reuse.

Packing "peanuts" and similar materials: may be accepted for re-use at local stores such as the UPS store in Hood River, Postal Annex in Hood River, AOK Pak & Ship in The Dalles.
·         PVC pipe: may be taken to North West Polymers in Portland, depending on market demand; large amounts, such as truckload, could go to Denton Plastics in Portland.
·         Plastic shopping bags: these do NOT go into the co-mingled recycling or blue bins; recycle plastic shopping bags at local retail stores in the receptacles usually located at the entrance, or at A&P Recycling in The Dalles.

Records: Donate or sell your old records to an independent music store such as Yesterday & Today Music in downtown The Dalles. 

Rigid plastic such as CDs, DVDs, "jewel" box cases, Little Tikes toys, storage tubs, etc: are not accepted anywhere in the gorge for recycling but can be taken to Far West Recycling, 4629 SE 17th in Portland. You can send CDs, DVDs, jewel boxes, videotapes and floppy disks via for recycling.

Toothbrushes: Buy a recycled plastic toothbrush from Recycling Preserve, and the company will take it back, in a postage-paid envelope, to be recycled again into plastic lumber. Recycline products are made from used Stonyfield Farms' yogurt cups.
Printer toners and cartridges:
Rapid Refill Inc., 601 E. 2nd Street, The Dalles, OR 97058, (541) 296-3132
Staples, 460 Mt. Hood Street, The Dalles, OR 97058, (541)  298-2222
Walgreens, 515 Mt. Hood Street, The Dalles, OR 97058, (541) 296-3190
Postal Annex, 2149 W Cascade Suite 106-A, Hood River, OR 97031, (541) 386-6122 - (888)  772-1361
Priority Mail (Tyvek) Envelopes: Tyvek-brand envelopes, such as those used by Fed-Ex and for U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, can be shipped back to Tyvek for recycling. If you have fewer than 25, turn one of them inside out, then stuff it with the rest. Ship to: Recycling Specialist, 5401 Jefferson Davis Highway, Spot 197, Room 231, Richmond, VA 23234, (866) 338-9835.
Scrap metal: can be taken to the transfer stations or A&P Recycling in The Dalles if in good condition; larger items or contaminated items, such as barrels, may be disposed of for a fee at the transfer stations or landfill. There are also some private scrap metal haulers, often found through "word-of-mouth" or signs on local bulletin boards or in the classifieds.
Smoke detectors: They last only 10 years and contain radioactive Americium 241, so send dead ones back to the manufacturer. Send First Alert, BRK and Family Guard Smoke Detectors to: BRK Brands, 25 Spur Drive, El Paso, TX 79906, (800) 323-9005; On the front of the package, write "For Disposal." Up to five smoke alarms are accepted for free. Ship American Sensors and Dicon Smoke Detectors by surface mail to: Dicon Inc., 20 Steelcase Road West, Unit #3, Markham, Ontario L3R 1B2, Canada, (800) 387-4219. On the front of the package, write "For Recycling, $0 Value."
Tires: accepted for a fee at the transfer stations and Wasco County landfill; some local tire shops may accept tires in addition to those you leave behind when you purchase new tires. In our area, used tires are either taken for tire recycling in the Portland area or are hauled to Finley Buttes Landfill in Morrow County for processing into tire chips before disposal.
Videogames: check with local used videogame stores to see if taking any games, such as Gameopoly in The Dalles.
Wheelchairs: Go to which acts as a matchmaker, uniting wheelchairs with those who need them.

Wine corks (not plastic): To turn them into flooring and wall tiles, send them to Wine Cork Recycling, Yemm & Hart Ltd., 610 South Chamber Drive, Fredericktown MO 63645. Or put them in a compost bin.

Wrapping paper: Most wrapping papers are not recyclable. Reuse your gift wrap from year to year, use to line your dresser drawers or donate to charity if you have enough on a role that is still in good condition.
Yard and wood debris: Wood debris, pallets and trees: Hood River Garbage and The Dalles Disposal transfer stations accept yard debris for a disposal fee (Wednesday is "free yard debris day" at Hood River, April and November are "free yards debris" months in The Dalles). The Dalles Disposal also has a subscription program for yard debris pick-up. The woody material is ground and distributed locally for soil stabilization and coarse mulching use.

D&Z Grinding of Hood River specializes in the management of waste wood materials in ways that reduce pollution and landfill usage. Their services include mobile grinding, processed wood materials hauling, and land clearing. After processing, wood waste can usually be reused in an environmentally beneficial use such as a soil amendment, mulch or cleaner burning biomass fuel.

Leaves: best use is to compost them or shred then layer over your garden, leaves are full of minerals. Next best: take to the transfer station as yard debris, or set out on the curb in the fall in Hood River for the City to collect (check to see if City if offering the service)

Christmas trees and wreaths: these can be dropped off as yard debris at the transfer station. Also local community groups and local municipalities often have post-holiday free collections of this type of greenery. Watch for notices in local media.


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