Recycling at Work

Your business has a lot of priorities to juggle. So, why should you be concerned about recycling?

  • Recycling prevents valuable materials, like paper, bottles and cans from going to our landfills.
  • Recycling saves resources. It takes a lot of energy, water, fuel and resources to create new materials.
  • It takes 95% less energy to make a can from recycled aluminum than from virgin material.
  • The energy saved from recycling 1 glass bottle will illuminate a 100-watt incandescent light bulb for 4 hours, or a CFL bulb for 17.4 hours.
  • Recycling 1 ton of plastic milk jugs saves enough energy to light a home for 1 year.
  • Your business can actually end up with a healthier bottom line as you reduce, reuse, and recycle.

How can my business start recycling?
A step-by-step guide to help your business be successful in its efforts to reduce waste, recycle more, save the environment, and save money. Read the guide...

What can we recycle?

All of these things go in your blue roll cart:

Paper and Cardboard (Papel y Carton)

Office paper (all colors and weights)
Magazines and catalogs
Phone books
Egg cartons
Cardboard tubes
Gable-top cartons (such as milk and refrigerated juice)
Aseptic shelf-stable cartons (such as soups, broths and juice boxes)
Cardboard boxes, flattened *
*If your business has a separate dumpster for cardboard, flatten all boxes and put in the dumpster.

Metal (Metal)

Aluminum cans
Tin cans
Pie tins (rinsed)
Clean aluminum foil
Empty aerosol cans (remove plastic caps)

Plastic Bottles & Tubs (Botellas y Cajas de Plastico)

Plastic bottles of all sizes and types, remove lids
Milk jugs, remove lids
Plastic tubs - 6 oz. to 5 gallons, remove lids
Plant containers - 4 inches and larger, cleaned

What About...

Glass (Vidrio)

Glass bottles and jars of all colors and sizes go all together in your separate GLASS ONLY blue bin or roll cart. Remove any metal or plastic lids.


Plastic Shopping Bags (Bolsas de Plastico (Las Que le Dan en la Tienda)

Plastic shopping bags, produce bags and bread sacks do not go in your recycling. Please return them to your grocery store for recycling.

Not Accepted, Put In Garbage or Take to Far West Recycling in Portland

Clear plastic“clamshell” containers
Microwaveable plastic trays
Frozen food boxes with wax coating on the inside

Download this PDF for future reference...

Who do I contact to set up recycling pick-up?
Hood River County – Hood River Garbage Service (541) 386-2272
North Wasco County – The Dalles Disposal (541) 298-5149
South Wasco County – The Dalles Disposal (541) 298-5149
Sherman County – The Dalles Disposal (541) 298-5149


Managing My Materials


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