Reduce Waste When You Shop

Choose Durables - They Pay Off!
There are a lot of disposable products in the marketplace today. All of those disposal products might make life seem a little easier, but they create a lot of waste. Consider the following: disposable razors, disposable cleaning products and wipes, single-use cameras, disposable flashlights, disposable cell phones, plastic and styrofoam cups, and the list goes on. Is the added convenience worth the extra cost to the environment?
Reduce waste, conserve resources and save money by choosing items that are designed for long-term use. Use cloth wipes. Use real dishes, cups, and flatware, or at least plastic ware that has been designed for durable use, such as Preserve Products.
Additional information on the benefits of durables over disposables is available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Buy from the bulk bins
Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce packaging waste, save money, and try new foods in small quanitities.




Skip the “snack packs”
Avoid individually wrapped items, snack packs and single-serve containers. Instead, buy family-size quantities, and use smaller durable containers that you can wash and reuse again.






BYOB – Bring Your Own Bags
Plastic shopping bags take hundreds of years to break down and decompose. Not to mention that they are made from non-renewable petroleum. Save some resources and bring your own bags for shopping, including reusable bags for produce.

Pay Attention to Packaging
Packaging makes up about 30 percent of our solid waste (source: US E.P.A. 2010 study). You can reduce this waste by selecting products with less packaging. Additional information on packaging reduction is available from the U.S. EPA.

Buy items such as dish soap and laundry detergents in concentrate forms. You’ll get more uses out of a smaller package size.

Rent or Borrow
Rent or borrow, instead of buying items you will not use very often, such as power tools, generators, etc. Check with friends and family to see what tools they have that you might borrow. Set up a loose co-op among friends and neighbors. Contact Sawyers True Value or Your Rental Center to rent equipment and tools.

Choose products that are reliable and upgradeable
All of the things that we buy today will eventually become waste. We can get more out of the things we purchase by choosing products wisely. If you need to buy a new product, ask yourself these questions:

  • How reliable is the product?
  • How long will I need it?
  • How does the warranty compare with that of similar products?
  • What does it really cost (considering operation and maintenance)?
  • Can the product be repaired or upgraded?

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