Sustainable Business


Is your business interested in starting a sustainability  program? What about simply decreasing the amount of material you are throwing away, while increasing what you are recycling? Or maybe you are looking to go a bit further and begin a green procurement or green building program.

Whatever your business is trying to do, we realize it can be a bit daunting and confusing at times. That’s why our staff is here to help.

We can come to your place of business and do a waste audit with you. We’ll even bring the gloves and tarps!

We can help connect you to other companies and resources.

We can help answer your questions.

So, let us know how we can help. Give us a call at 541-506-2636.


Upcoming Events

2018 Household and Small Business
Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule


Hood River
February 23, 9am-2pm
May 18, 9am-2pm

The Dalles
February 24 18, 9am-2pm
May 19, 9am-2pm

April 14, 10am-2pm – Maupin
April 21, 10am-2pm - Parkdale
May 4, 10am-2pm - Moro
May 5, 10am-2pm -  Dufur
Ag Events
May 4, 10am-2pm - Moro
October 31, 10am-2pm – Hood River
November 1, 10am-2pm – The Dalles

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about our 2018 Hazardous Waste Events.