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Expired/Unwanted Medications


Sharps (discarded needles, syringes, lancets)

  • Protect people from getting hurt or cut by these items.
  • DON’T  throw any of these items in the trash
  • DON’T bring these items to a Hazardous Waste Collection event
  • DO Use an approved sharps container (no coffee cans or soda bottles). 
    - You can purchase a sharps container from most pharmacies, such as Walgreens, Safeway and Walmart and medical supply stores. Sharps containers are also sold at Hood River Garbage Service. Sharp containers are not currently available for sale at The Dalles Disposal. 
  • DO dispose of your filled sharps containers at the followng locations.:

The Dalles Disposal Service
1317 W. 1st Street
The Dalles, OR
(541) 298-5149

Hood River Garbage Service
3440 Guignard Drive
Hood River, OR
(541) 386-2272

Moro Medical Clinic
110 Main Street
Moro, OR
(541) 565-0536

*Free to households and small-quantity generators. Must be in an approved container. 


Expired/Unwanted Medications

Medicines are now accepted at our Hazardous Waste collection events. They can also be dropped off at the drop sites listed below. 

Protect young children from accidental poisonings. Prevent intentional misuse of drugs.

  • Do not flush medicines down the drain or toilet. This will pollute the water supply and marine life.
  • Do not dispose of medicines by burning them indoors or outdoors. Temperature change and heat can dangerously alter the hazard of these chemicals and then release them into the air we breathe.
  • Take your pharmaceuticals to an offical drop site. They will be securely destroyed.

Hood River County residents may dispose of excess and expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medications at the secure permanent dropp off location at the Hood River County Sheriff's Office located at 309 State Street. Weekdays 8am-5 pm. No questions asked. 

Wasco County residents can drop off their unwanted household prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements and pet medicines at The Dalles Police Department at 401 Court Street. Not accepted are needles or sharps, thermometers and medical waste equipment. Weekdays 8am-5pm. No questions asked.

Sherman County residents can drop off their unwanted medicines at the Sherman County Sheriff's Office located at 500 Court Street in Moro. 


Upcoming Events

2017 Household and Small Business
Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule


Hood River
November 17, 9am-2pm

The Dalles
November 18, 9am-2pm

November 3, 10am-2pm – Wasco 
Ag Events
November 1, 10am-2pm – Hood River
November 2, 10am-2pm – The Dalles

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